Regional priorities

RAWC will prioritize activities in the following areas:

  1. Training of business operators and stakeholders (slaughter, pigs, broilers and transport) – coordination and dissemination of information and resources;
  2. Experimental animals – implementation and training;
  3. Companion animals population management and stray dog control – develop a regional approach and share best practice;
  4. Raising farmer awareness and engaging with small scale farmers to establish an effective and targeted regional approach and to explore new business models;
  5. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of official controls.

Initial brief assessment and short outline papers shell consist:

  • the present status,
  • current and relevant initiatives, opportunities, gaps and challenges relevant to the issue (may I suggest we each do a SWOT analysis for our areas)
  • possible practical and realistic solutions overall
  • possible role and input that RAWC could have