Steering Committee

Based on the conclusions from the WBVN Tuhelj meeting,  Steering Committee of RAWC was established and members held a first meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on 31.03-01.04.2014. Members of the Steering Committee are mixture of sponsors (RSPCA), Academia and Policy makers from the region as follows:

1st Steering Comitee meeting

Alexandra Hammond-Seaman (UK)

Vlatko Ilieski (Macedonia)

Tomislav Mikuš (Croatia)

Petya Petkova (Bulgaria)

Inga Dujmović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Marijana Vučinić (Serbia)

Dimitar Terzievski (Macedonia)

Manja Zupan Šemrov (Slovenia)


Steering Committee structure is still under development, and changes in the structure will be made based on additional widening of the RAWC.