The role and objectives of Regional Animal Welfare Centre

Based on the conclusions of meeting held in Teramo in the April of 2012, Regional Animal Welfare Centre (RAWC) was formed and Terms of Reference (ToR) were signed by 5 different countries from the region (Competent authorities, Universities and Institutes). The role of the RAWC is defined in the ToR as follows: to provide a scientific, practical and ethical advice to the key stakeholders on AW issues and to coordinate the activities in the Balkan region.

Balkan region

RAWC has two major objectives:

Objective 1  – Based on specific EU legislation and  internationally agreed guidelines – collect and analyseexisting data in Balkan region to develop scientific advice in implementing the EU legislation related to uneven spread of knowledge in different parts of the Balkan region; and

Objective 2 – Based on specific EU legislation – develop and implement strategies based on the transfer of knowledge and expertise to competent authorities and stakeholders in order to improve the level of understanding of the legislation and its implementation and enforcement.

To be able to meet this Objectives, RAWC has defined its development STRATEGY and specific tasks.