Petya Petkova


Petya Petkova is a master of veterinary medicine and veterinary administration with a post degree specialization on “Epidemiology and infectious diseases”  and PhD student on the infectious diseases. She has over 10 years of general professional experience as Epidemiologist, animal health and welfare expert, including 8 years in official controls in the veterinary area. She has 8-year experience as Head of Animal Welfare Department at the Bulgarian Veterinary Administration with a working experience in legal matters (drafting of the national Animal Health and Welfare legislation to align it with the EU requirements and its implementation). She ahs also experience in implementation of animal health and welfare legislative requirements, animal identification and registration requirements and their control and enforcement and experience as a lecturer in training and workshops on animal health, animal welfare and Identification and Registration of animals.During the last years she work on the preparation of instructions, guidelines, check lists and manuals for implementation of legislation concerning animal health, animal welfare and identification and registration of animals. She has two years working experience as a veterinary practitioner particularly in the field of animal health.From 2012 Petya is  engage as an expert  in a project “Targeted research effort on African swine fever ” GA – 311931 , 7th framework programme. In the last 10 years she has published a lot of scientific papers and a coauthor of one students book, and organised and speak on many scientific and expert conferences.