Social part of 2nd RAWC Meeting

Just a short gallery reminder for all participants of the 2nd Regional Animal Welfare Experts Meeting. Mihanović Castle – Terme Tuhelj     Old  house by the Church of St George   Over 500 years old linden tree – Croatian Natural heritage site   Winery – Bolfan, Vinski Vrh   “..Viva Espana, viva Espana..” 🙂      See […]

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Held 2nd Regional Animal Welfare Experts meeting

Regional Animal Welfare Centre in cooperation with Animal Welfare Unit of the Croatian Veterinary Institute (CVI) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) organised a two day meeting “Vision for the future of Animal welfare in the Balkans”. Meeting was held on on 6th to 7th of May 2015, in Terme […]

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1st Steering Committee meeting

1st Steering Committee (SC) meeting of the RAWC 31/03-01/04 2014, Croatian Veterinary Institute, Zagreb In attendance: Branka Bukovic-Sosic (BBS), Tomislav Mikus (TM) (Croatia),  Mitja Sedlbauer(MS), Ales Brecelj (AB) (Slovenia), Petya Petkova (PP) (Bulgaria), Vlatko Ilieski (VI) (Macedonia), Alex Hammond-Seaman (AHS)  (UK) Apologies: Budimir Plavsic (Serbia) On the 1st SC meeting details regarding RAWC organization, role, regional priorities, […]

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Overview of regional priorities

RAWC will prioritize activities in the following areas: Training of business operators and stakeholders (slaughter, pigs, broilers and transport) – coordination and dissemination of information and resources; Experimental animals – implementation and training; Companion animals population management and stray dog control – develop a regional approach and share best practice; Raising farmer awareness and engaging with […]