We’re proud to be the first animal welfare centre with the regional character in the Balkans.

Regional Animal Welfare Centre (RAWC), and the structure of the RAWC has been agreed at the 1st steering meeting held in Zagreb on 1st April 2014. Overall strategy of RAWC is to bridge over the gap between Academia, Policy makers and all major stakeholders in the region and to help them in the implementation of regional and international best practices in the field of Animal Welfare.

Upcoming Conference!

We would like to inform you that we reached a decision to hold a second Scientific Conference in the autumn of 2024. Although our first conference was at the end held online (due to COVID-19 situation) it was a great story and we want to build on it. If you would like to check topics and abstracts from the last conference you can find it here.

What we do?


Training of experts

Training of animal welfare experts to enhance knowledge level in the region on the recognized topics.



Colaboration with the policy makers, academia and industry to enhance the levels of animal welfare.



Development and implementation of regional and international projects in line with our strategy.



Conferences are a great way to bring people together, and often lead to new or unexpected opportunities.

Wanna Join Us?

Our professional team is here to give you a glance idea about our work & vision and we would be glad to cooperate with you!

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