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Call for Papers – RAWC Conference 2020

RAWC conference banner.tifThessaloniki


We call on our members, as well as scientists and particularly young scholars, to participate in this conference by presenting a paper, oral or poster, and taking an active role in our network. The main theme of our first scientific conference is

Better science for better animal welfare”.




Main conference topics:

  • Animals in communities (companion animals, stray animals, backyard and traditional farming, One Health,…)

  • Animals in food production (on farm, transport, slaughter,…)

  • Human-animal relationship (socio-economic and ethical context,…)

  • Animals and the environment (ZOO, climate impact, protection of habitats, wildlife population management, ecology modeling, One Welfare,…)

  • Animals in research and education (3R, harm/benefit analysis, humane endpoints,…)

We would like to hear from anyone interested in making a contribution to the above themes. Please send an extended abstract to before 1st of November 2019.

All additional information regarding the conference (Venue, Registration, Papers format,..) please check HERE.

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