Special Prize by Istituto G. Caporale, Teramo

Take part in “G. Caporale” Special Award with a short filmpremio gianni di venanzo

Since 2010, the Istituto “G. Caporale” has set up the “G. Caporale Special Award”, within the International Cinematographic photography Award “Gianni Di Venanzo” (organized by cultural association Teramo Nostra), to convey knowledge and awareness towards animals and animal welfare, by using the communicative power of cinema.

No special preparation is necessary to compete for the “G. Caporale Special Award”. It is enough to have a particular sensibility and a keen eye to colors or to black and white, the lighting and everything that makes the film scene artistic.

Main topic of this competition is “Human-animal relationship” issue on which, film-makers/film directors, /documentarians, can contend with ad hoc works or ready-made suitable projects.

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