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RAWC trainers held a workshop at the OIE 3rd Stray dog Workshop for Balkan countries

dsc00798During April 2018, RAWC has received the invitation from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE) for DPM Trainers speak at the 3rd Stray dog Workshop for Balkan countries, in Belgrade, Serbia which we gladly accepted. All our five trainers held a combined two hour workshop for participants at the OiE Regional Workshop on the topic on how to establish Dog population counting survey and setting indicators for dog population management.






dsc00812Throughout  the workshop, RAWC Trainers have introduced the participants to the ICAM Humane Dog Population Management Guidance and the online Dog population management Impact Assessment Tool. After the identification of the Impacts and Indicators participants were engaged in several exercises such as identification of the Unbiased routes for counting dogs and development of socio-demographic questions for the face to face interviews.




dsc00880On the behalf of the trainers and the whole RAWC we would like to thank OiE for recognising our efforts to elevate the level of animal welfare in the region and we hope to cooperate again on the future events. It was a great honor.