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3rd annual Animal Welfare Experts workshop – Bled, Slovenia

Regional Animal Welfare Centre organised a two day workshop “Regional approach to the implementation and enforcement of animal Regulation 1099/2009”. Workshop was held on on 22nd – 23rd of March 2017, in Bled, Slovenia.

IMG_0621The workshop was organised as a series of lectures, discussions and panels, and for more details the agenda is available HERE. The aim of the workshop was to gather information from 11 countries from the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) regarding the implementation and enforcement of the one of the most significant Regulation currently in the EU. Workshop was held for over 50 participants, with a very wide range of background experience (Policy makers, Academia, Scientists and Industry). List of all participants you can find HERE, some participants are still missing form the list, but they will be added ASAP.

Presentations are available for download in PDF’s as follows:


Overview of RAWC activities – Alexandra Hammond Seaman

OIE Animal Welfare Platform for Europe – Nadege Leboucq

ISO Standard 34700 – Rebeca Garcia

One Welfare – Rebeca Garcia

General principles of Reg. (EC) 1099/2009 – Desmond Maguire

Network of Animal Welfare Centres update – Desmond Maguire

Welfare at slaughter (red meat species) – Rebeca Garcia

Welfare at slaughter (poultry) – Mohan Raj

Ritual slaughter and domestic consumption – Haluk Anil


DG Sante F experience on enforcement of Reg. (EC) 1099/2009 – Desmond Maguire

Official controls on Animal Welfare in slaughterhouse – Ales Brecelj

Implementation of REg. (EC) 1099/2009 – Slovenian example – Urska Kos

Development of SOP’s – Desmond Maguire

Development of SOP’s – lessons learned – Slovenian example – Damir Kakovič

Development of SOP’s – lessons learned – Croatian example – Mirela Jurkas

Training of SH staff – Tomislav Mikuš

Animal Welfare Officer – tasks and  responsibilities – Rebeca Garcia

Guides to good practice – Haluk Anil


We would take the opportunity to thank all the speakers and participants  for a very fruitful and positive meeting.

See you all next year!