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Held 2nd Regional Animal Welfare Experts meeting

Regional Animal Welfare Centre in cooperation with Animal Welfare Unit of the Croatian Veterinary Institute (CVI) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) organised a two day meeting “Vision for the future of Animal welfare in the Balkans”. Meeting was held on on 6th to 7th of May 2015, in Terme Tuhelj, Croatia.


Mihanović Castle, Terme Tuhelj 

The meeting was organised as a series of panel sessions on four main topics. For each thematic block we will ask the speakers to prepare their presentations according to the five set questions, which will be sent out in due course.  The aim of the meeting was to gather information from many sectors working in animal welfare and to take into account the multifaceted and multidisciplinary aspects of animal welfare to fully understand and appreciate the needs and challenges ahead of RAWC in the future. There were over 50 participants, with a very wide range of background (Policy makers, Academia, Scientists, Industry, NGO’s). Complete list of all participants you can find HERE.


Meeting room was full till the end – photo taken during last session.

Presentations are available for download in PDF’s as follows:

Terence Cassidy – 40 years of EU animal welfare legislation – what lessons have been learned about its implementation?

Paolo Dalla Villa – Relevance of animal welfare centre in Balkans cross linked with EU strategy and Teramo as OIE collaborative centre

Aleksandra Hammond Seaman & Tomislav Mikuš – From idea, thru project to reality

Petya Petkova & Vlatko Ilieski – Mission, objectives and priority themes proposed of RAWC

Implementation and enforcement of legislation

Aleš Brecelj

Mirjana Mataušić Pišl

Dimitar Terzievski

Stane Košorok

Session Training and education  

Silvia Peeva

Leopoldo Stuarto

Elvir Burazerović

Vlatko Ilieski

Hayley Walters

Research animals

Marina Ivanova

Daša Ševeljević Jaran

Barney Reed

Nikolaos Kostomitsopoulos

Stray dog control or Companion animals

Jurica Ambrožić

Dunja Kovač

Jagoda Radojčić

Vinko Medvid

Irena Petak

Marijana Vučinić


 Discussion regarding dog population management – Jurica Ambrožić (red shirt)

We would take the opportunity to thank all the speakers and participants  for a very fruitful and positive meeting. Minutes of the meeting and conclusions can be downloaded HERE. See you all next year!