ISAE Training School – INVITATION

As part of the LIFT project, the training school named Positive Animal Welfare: Taking it to the Next Level will take place at the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Sciences, Groblje 3, Rodica,1230 Domžale, Slovenia for two days between September 28 and 29, 2023.

It specifically targets the focus of Action COST LIFT of Working Group 1 entitled “Defining Key Concepts of Positive Animal Welfare”. The unique combination of speakers will provide a multidisciplinary view of the topic, ranging from biology to psychology to social sciences to ethics. Through active engagement, participants will learn and brainstorm with speakers and each other to harness the complexity of the debate about what constitutes positive animal welfare for farm animals. In this way, applicants can learn about new, forward-thinking ways to perceive the lives of farm animals in the future.

The main objective of TS is to give trainees the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts on the concepts of positive animal welfare for farm animals, based on four different disciplines (biology, ethics, social science, and psychology). At this gathering and regional networking, each group of five trainees will present a four-slide summary report on a specific animal welfare topic assigned to each group as a result of the group discussion, covering each of the four disciplines.

We ask all interested parties to apply for the grant by Wednesday, September 20, 2023, by sending an email to the local organizer and ISAE country liaison officer, Dr. Manja Zupan Šemrov –, describing their interest in farm animal welfare (up to 5 sentences), their background information (name, age, education, country where they work), and explaining how this topic is relevant to their work to improve farm animal welfare (up to 5 sentences). Based on this information, the awardees will be selected. Financial assistance includes travel, lodging, and meals. Travel expenses will be reimbursed by the local organizer once receipts and bank details are received. Other costs will be covered by the local organizer in advance.

We are aiming for up to 25 participants for this call. It is also important to emphasize that after acceptance, persons from outside Slovenia will be asked to sign a declaration of acceptance and agree to repay the costs if they do not attend the meeting.

More details about the LIFT project can be found HERE