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1st RAWC CONFERENCE going online free of charge on 24-25 of June 2021

We would like to inform you that the Organising Committee of the 1st RAWC Scientific Conference reached a decision to hold an online event on 24-25 of June 2021. Although our preference would have been to organize a live event,  due to the current COVID-19 situation and so many uncertainties still surrounding it, the Committee believes that it is now in everyone’s best interest to take the conference online and deliver it this year.

The online event will be a zoom event, free of charge for all participants. Registration of new participants is now open so please be so kind and share the information with all who might be interested.

Once again we would like to express deep regret for not being able to be your host in Thessaloniki, but we hope that normal life will resume soon and we hope to see you in person for our next RAWC event in 2023.

Please find the agenda of the online event HERE.

For additional details please check Conference website – HERE.