One Welfare

jjY2L4FFOne Welfare
recognises the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment. It fosters interdisciplinary collaboration to improve human and animal welfare internationally. One Welfare also helps to promote key global objectives such as supporting food security, sustainability, reducing human suffering and improving productivity within the farming sector through a better understanding of the value of high welfare standards.

​​​One Welfare extends the approach of (and partially overlaps) the One Health theme used for human and animal health. A One Welfare approach promotes the direct and indirect links of animal welfare to human welfare and environmentally friendly animal-keeping systems.

For more information and live consultation regarding this topic please check HERE, and for background papers check HERE.

More about this groundbreaking idea and concept will be presented by Rebecca Garcia at RAWC annual meeting in Bled, Slovenia.



*Umbrella image has been downloaded from original paper published in Veterinary Record (Vol 179, Issue 16) which can be found HERE.